What is your favourite memory of the Blues Festival?

We’ve been part of many, many editions of the Festival so it’s hard to pick a single moment, but I’d have to say that being in the crowd dancing and singing with fans is right up there for me!


What Blues Festival story do you most love retelling?

In 2013, I was partying with James Cotton’s band. On his way back to his hotel, he heard Steve’s guitar and was willing to go see him! So I took him and his band to Casey’s. On spot I gave Mr. Cotton my harmonica and I pulled out a microphone with a very long cord. With the bass player and drummer still playing inside, Steve Strongman and James Cotton jammed together, to the total delight of the small group of fans present!


How would you describe your experience at the Festival?

It’s a unique festival because the artists get a chance to meet with blues fans in an intimate environment. I have to say that the entire team of volunteers, management and technicians really know how to take great care of all of the artists. It is one of my favourite festivals anywhere!